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Underwater hull cleaning is by far the most underrated maintenance aspect for seawater yachts. Although monthly cleaning schedules come with a price, the benefits far outweigh the costs! We know that veteran boat owners are aware of the importance of caring for their boats year-round and that maintenance is an important part of owning a boat. That is why we emphasize the importance of regular hull cleaning! We practice "Green Technologies" to clean your hull while affecting the environment as little as possible.

Not too long ago, boat-owners were required to bring their yachts to the shipyard dry-dock to have their hulls blasted from the surface. This was a very expensive, and time-consuming process! Our 'best-maintenance practices' approach to gently clean your hull regularly has resulted in boat-owners like yourself saving thousands of dollars in maintenance costs! From increased hull paint life, to proper shaft and propeller operation, to increased fuel efficiency due to less drag, the benefits are endless!

Hull cleaning removes growth from the bottom of the boat, ensuring easy gliding across the water. A hull with growth and barnacles not only reduces acceleration, but reduces top speed also. You can only imagine how much effort it would take your props to cut through the water if they are fouled! The U.S. Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) has provided studies and documentation supporting the fact that regular hull cleaning can provide up to 20% better fuel efficiency on all yachts! That fact alone justifies OFTEN cleaning of the hull.


Aside from better fuel efficiency, regular cleaning extends bottom paint life by removing harmful growth before it roots too deep into the paint. Waiting months for a clean will ALWAYS result in more paint chipping and wearing away. Still not sold? Ask around the harbor with some veteran boat-owners they can easily tell you the cost-benefit analysis has proven true!


Last, but not least, scheduled hull cleaning provides you with the comfort and assurance that your hull is inspected regularly. You will feel a lot more comfortable knowing that the best and most experienced divers are closely monitoring your boat for defects. Hundreds of owners have placed their trust and support in our services, and none have been disappointed!