Volvo IPS Joystick Control: Simple Captaining for New Boats

We get asked a lot whether new yacht owners will be comfortable piloting larger personal vessels (45ft+) by themselves, and without a captain. Although older vessels require quite a bit of skill and technique when it comes to close-range piloting, the newer yachts with either the Axius (Mercruiser) or IPS system (Volvo) allow for ease of use by any pilot, from the veteran sea-goer to newly-christened waterman. I’d venture to say, even a teenager with gaming skills could pilot a 50ft yacht like a pro- no experience necessary. The close-range piloting is no longer fighting single or twin screw transmissions; it’s far more intuitive and natural.boat-photo-volvo-ips-joy-stick

The joystick is perhaps the most well-known feature of Volvo Penta IPS, making it possible to dock in a new and completely intuitive way. Since its release it has been accompanied by many other smart features, such as Dynamic Positioning System and Sportfish mode. The latest generation of Volvo Penta controls has integrated buttons for Low-speed mode, Single-lever mode and Cruise control, making it even easier to enjoy boating with Volvo Penta IPS.

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There’s little difference between Mercruiser’s Zeus pods and the Volvo IPS pods… except that Volvo’s support for mechanical issues might help you gear toward their IPS systems.

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