LED Lights… Light Up the Night and Bring in the Fish!

These lights not only look fantastic while your yacht is resting at the dock, but they look even better when you’re underway! From green, blue, white and red, there are plenty of options to choose from, but the white and blue are, by far, the most popular. We’ve noticed that every color besides red actually DOES attract fish! It’s not just a myth, check it out the next time you’re out on an LED-lit boat.


Although there are dozens of companies who offer halogen and LED lights, we’ve seen that Aqualuma offers one of the best solutions out there: Metal-free, composite plastic housings! The benefit of these babies is to offer a great protection against electrolysis, while displaying the brilliant, high-intensity and low-amperage light you’re looking for. A lot of the manufacturers of through-hull range lights offer metal housings, which are rarely bonded to the zinc anode systems of the boats they’re installed on. 6-series-line-drawing6-series-product-on-pageThe all new 6 Series fits into the original 3 Series housing. Designed with long life in mind, the all new 6 Series is corrosion-proof and features Aqualuma’s injection-moulded, patented polymer housing – the most sophisticated material in underwater lighting available. The 6 Series is fully serviceable and upgradable without the need for haul out.  Available in Ultra Blue and Brilliant White, this product is recommended for boats ranging from 6 metres (20 feet) to 13 metres (45 feet). As part of the thru-hull range, the 6 Series features Aqualuma’s 6 year housing warranty with a 3 year warranty on internals.

(ref: Aqualuma)

Electrolysis is a big issue, and so are corroding light housings! Nothing is worse than spending a couple grand on some great-looking lights, only to have your diver tell you that they’re 50% disintegrated a few years later. NO THANK YOU!

We took a few photos of a client who recently got their Aqualuma Gen IV 6 series lights installed, and they love them. Good on their diving company for getting them installed! Although they can be installed in the shipyard, these lights can also be INSTALLED WHILE YOUR BOAT IS IN HER SLIP. Just contact the right diver, and they can set you up.